Experiencing an adventure that you’ll never forget is one thing, but helping others while you’re at your own rally, that’s what we stand for.

We have decided to raise money for the foundation ‘ KPPR ‘-HELP FOR HEROES. Soldiers, veterans and their home front we see as heroes, because they stand for our peace and security.  This is not a pathetic story. I think everyone can understand what the small and big consequences can be for these heroes in mental and physical areas.

Fortunately, there has been some more attention lately and there are all sorts of projects for them that can use a little support. There are 2 projects that we carry an extra warm heart. The “Veterans Dog” and the “Warrior games”

By fulfilling our own wishes, together with our sponsors (possibility makers), we contribute to the help given to our heroes.

Lisette & Anja
The ‘ De-Ice Darlings ‘